Schooner Yacht Sales is an authorized dealer of the Fusion 15.

As stated on the company website, the Fusion 15 is a fun boat for the new sailor, a rewarding boat for a skilled racer. This boat was awarded the Boat of the Year for the best performance dinghy by Sailing World in 2003.

      • Length........ 15' 8"
      • Beam.......... 5' 6"
      • Draft........... 5" cb up 4' 0" cb down
      • Sail Area..... 142 sq. ft. (Main + Jib) 79 sq. ft. (Spinn)
      • Weight.. 290 lbs. (rigged)
      • Crew.......... 1,2, or 3
      • Designer Steve Killing


• Anodized aluminum custom-extruded mast
Self-draining cockpit
• Self-tacking jib
• Ball-bearing Harken fittings
• Sculptured, comfortable side decks
• Easy-to-hoist, easy-to-stow asymmetrical spinnaker
• Pivoting centerboard and kick-up rudder for safety
• Efficient planing hull
• Rudder and centerboard patterns computer-routed
• Strict one-design controls for those who race.
• Comfortable stability for those who relax.

To view a video of the Fusion 15 click on VIDEO.

Email Larry Nicholls for more information on the Fusion 15.